Move all Outlook data from one computer to another computer

I am replacing a harddisk on my labtop.  How do I backup or make a copy of my existing data (email, contact, calender, task ....), archive and the folders structure from my existing harddisk to a new harddisk
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selimfelexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you want every thing to be the same copy your old hard to the new
Raheman M. AbdulConnect With a Mentor Senior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
From outlook run the import export wizard from Menu
save it as .pst and then run import wizard
Tony GiangrecoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't forget the NK2 file for Outlook's autocomplete function. It's located in the hidden folder c:\....applicationData\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\outlook.nk2
tommym121Author Commented:
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