Unordered List (UL) CSS question

Hey -

Our front end developer is coming up a little short right now - and I'm more of a backend guy...knowing enough about CSS to be dangerous - but in no way proficient.  So - maybe this is a stupid question - but 500 points to whoever can give me the best answer.  :)

We have an unordered list (UL) set.

Inside of that list - I want each list item to look like this.

Item                                                              Price

On the same line - with "Price" right justified.

What would the CSS be to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance!
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Tom BeckCommented:
Same thing using style sheet instead of inline:

Style Sheet:

    ul {list-style:none;width:400px;}
    .right {float:right;}
    .left {float:left;}


        <li class="left">Item</li>
        <li class="right">Price</li>
Tom BeckCommented:
<ul style="list-style:none;width:400px;">
        <li style="float:left;">Item</li>
        <li style="float:right;">Price</li>
erzoolanderAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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