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App building for Android and iOS

I am currently looking to build applications for Android and iOS.
I would like to design it once and build for both automatically.

After hours of searching I have found some interesting ways to do it.  The one I found most interesting is using Dreamweaver CS 5.5 (not yet available) with JQuery, PhoneGap SDK, Android SDK, and iOS SDK to create NATIVE applications.

I would like to be able to scan barcodes and qr codes from within the apps.
A lot of builers out there are through websites with subscriptions or publishing fees which I would like to avoid.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
2 Solutions
I'm mainly an iOS guy, so I wouldn't know about Android... but what I do know is that for iOS, you will need to have a native application to access the camera and scan barcodes.  A web-application would not work for this.  My suggestion is that you hire a programmer that can write the application on one platform, and then another programmer for another (or one that can do both), and then compile them as native applications.  Web is laggier and not as smooth/sleek as a native application, and is what you are looking for in this situation.

The Zebra Xing project on Google Code should lead you into the path of barcode scanning for the iPhone.
Dejan PažinCommented:

I develop for Android, and my experience is this: if the application is using any of the phone capabilities (camera, gps, accelerator meter, ....) then you dont have to think about it - native is the only way to go.
wfninpaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice.  I have chosen to learn XCODE and more JAVA and develop natively.

In addition I will use appcelerator's titanium (allows access to hardware devices, it's NOT JUST a webview/webkit wrapper) as a developing crutch in the short term to get simple apps out faster even though their compiled app for Android and iOS is a minimum of 5mb due to their own API libraries (all of, even the ones you're not using for your app) being included in the compiled app.

Thank you.

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