I will be upgrading a sbs 2003 standard x86 box running msde to 2 new physical server boxes running sbs 2011 standard and sbs 2011 premium addon. I don;t want to use the migration procedure. Idea's ?

I will be upgrading a sbs 2003 standard x86 box running msde to 2 new physical server boxes running sbs 2011 standard and sbs 2011 premium addon. I don't want to use the migration procedure that Microsoft provides. There are 1 or 2 issues that are not working properly on SBS 2003 and I don;t want to migrate corrupoted stuff to the new servers.

What I want to do is setup the new servers from scratch. I would like to see a procedure on hiow to upgrade my 5 users' .pst files from Outlook 2003 to the new Exchange 2010, (I will also be installing 5 new workstations with Windows 7 64 bit and Office 2010 64 bit).

I also need to migrate an msde database with sp4 installed to the new sbs 2011 premium box without having to have the old server in the new box's domain.

Any ideas????

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Larry Struckmeyer MVPConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For the mail, open outlook, click  on inbox, click on file, click on export, click  on .pst file, browse to a location on the station or a thumb drive that you can find once you get the new station up.  On the new station, same proceedure, but click import.....

For the database, it is a procedure of detach, move and attach, but best researched a bit more.  You don't want to get caught up in versioning differences.  I suggest you repost, tag it SQL, and do not mention SBS, as this is not an SBS issue.
dmessmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if we're only talking about 5 users, I agree with fl_flyfishing.  Create a whole new domain that has nothing to do with the old domain.  You'll start from scratch with a new AD and add those 5 users.

Stop the SBS 2003 box from receiving email.  After that is done, on the old workstations - export the mailboxes to PST files from Outlook connected to the SBS 2003 domain.  On a workstation, attach Outlook to an Exchange mailbox on the new SBS 2011 domain.  Import the PST.

I also agree that the SQL issue would be best addressed by a SQL expert.
jyeager28Author Commented:
Thanks guys, I will do the export on all my workstations to my flash drives for the .pst files named for each workstation.  I am then gonna pull the hard drives from the old workstations and install them as  a second physical and logical drive in the new workstations so I can copy all necessary file to new machines. Install Office 2010 64 on new workstations and do import of .pst files. Join workstations to new domain.

How long do you think sync will take to Exchange 2010 for each user mailbox? Approx 1GB for each user .pst file.

I will go to the SQL area for that SQL migration question...

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