Outlook 2010 imap error with aol account

I am getting the following error:  

"Outlook wants to alert you of the following:  Can't read attachment for message number 638"

I don't know the numbering system that is being used as message 638 does not have an attachment.  Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.  I am posting the snapshop of the error as well.

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cisco_scrubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Error 638 relates to a timeout. I'm assuming you are using DSL or Cable to access the internet and not dial-up.

Perform the following to verify you have proper access:

1. Open a command prompt
2. Ping yahoo.com - you should get four replies. If so, follow the instructions below:

•Select Tools | Account Settings... from the menu in Outlook.
•Go to the E-mail tab.
•Click New....
•Make sure Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP is selected.
•Click Next >.
•Type your name (what you want to appear in the From: line of messages you send) Your Name:.
•Enter your full AOL address under E-mail Address:.
•Make sure you include "@aol.com". If your screen name is "homers", make sure you type "homers@aol.com" (not including the quotation marks), for example.
•Make sure Manually configure server settings or additional server types is checked.
•Click Next >.
•Make sure Internet E-mail is selected.
•Click Next >.
•Select IMAP under Account Type:.
•Type "imap.aol.com" under Incoming mail server:.
•Enter "smtp.aol.com" under Outgoing mail server (SMTP):.
•Type your AOL screen name under User Name:.
•If your AOL email address is "homers@aol.com", for example, type "homers".
•Type your AOL password under Password:.
•Click More Settings ....
•Go to the Outgoing Server tab.
•Make sure My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication is checked.
•Now go to the Advanced tab.
•Type "587" under Server Port Numbers for Outgoing server (SMTP):.
•Click OK.
•Now click Next >.
•Click Finish.
•Click Close.
gwarcherAuthor Commented:
638 is not the error code its the number of the message that is having an issue (I also have a snippet for message 6).  I think the error code might be 300
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I can't tell what our doing, but you might not have an app installed to open the attachment. Look at the file type of the attatchemnt and make sure you have an application to open it and make sure that file type is associated with the correct app to open it.
gwarcherAuthor Commented:
One of the issues that I am dealing with is that I'm not sure which email the number in the error relates to.  I cannot find an attachment on email 638 or email 6 or any other corresponding email.  Do you know how Outlook indexes these emails?  

I can't find anything in the event log associated with this error as well.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
That's all proprietary from Microsoft. Look in event viewer and see if it shows one application throwing that error code. It might provide insight as to where the 638 is coming from.
gwarcherAuthor Commented:
There are no applications throwing that error code in the application log of the event viewer as far as I can tell.
gwarcherAuthor Commented:
The error code is 300
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