At least one other site is using the same HTTPS binding and the binding is configured with a different certificate

I have 2 web sites on my SBS 2008 server that seem to conflict, "Default" and "SBS Web Applications". SBS Web applications was originally using the SBS generated SSL certificate for

Then I started using the default web site and purchased a certificate for but now I can not apply it because the I get an error "At least one other site is using the same HTTPS binding and the binding is configured with a different certificate...."

The goal is to have the self gen certificate as it always was for the SBS Web application site and the one I purchased bound to the default web site... I assume this is happening becuase an IP address can only be bound to one SSL Cert. So the question is: How else can I approach this assuming I will only have one IP? I need a step by step...
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not an issue with SBS, but is a limitation of IIS (and every other web server out there.)  The problem is that SSL is designed to completely encript *all* traffic, including HTTP headers. To encrypt traffic, an SSL certificate must be used. When a server has multiple SSL certificates, it doesn't know which SSL certifiate to use to encrypt traffic because it hasn't received the HTTP headers yet (because a browser won't sent them unencrypted) so it doesn't know which site is being requested. Catch-22.

You cannot bind two sites with SSL to the same port on the same IP.

You will have to choose a non-standard port. Use a second IP (which will reak the SBS wizards), or use some othe configuration to make the sites "unique" and identifiable *before* any information is sent so IIS knows which certificate to send and use for encryption.

With that said, SBS should never be used for hosting an external website. As an AD, this is insecure, but also due to system load...if your site is small enough that it performs well on SBS, it is small enough that it'd perform well on a webhost that offers the $1.49/month hosting packates, and they specialized in hosting and scalability, so you have better uptime, better security, and better response. In the 20 years I've been supporting SBS, I cannot think of a time I'd recommend running an external website on the box. While not directly related to your problem, it would certainly solve it.

swendellAuthor Commented:
I guess it just cant be done
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