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Encrypt portion of NAS / network drive - but allow multiple user access - what software?

afflik1923 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi ,

I have been looking at various software to encrypt a portion of a network drive that will allow a user to access the encrypted data from multiple devices.

For example, I was experimenting with the Free Truecyrpt which is very good. However when I set a portion of the network drive to be encrypted this worked fine. However when I Tried to mount the encrypted volume from another PC, it of course said that the file is in use.

Therefore I conclude with Truecrypt it is not possible to mount the encrypted volume from multiple devices at the same time.

However I have been looking at others such as PGP (now Symantec) Whole disk encryption software (which comes with file /folder encryption) and I am unable to establish at this time if it will support multiple simultaneous access.

Reading some of the blurb of Winmagic I got the impression it does support this.

But would be great if someone who has used this could confirm and how well it works (can't download a demo of this and need to finish my report by the end of long weekend).

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OK very good information and Very much appreciated particularly in the useful detail you have gone into (As I think you did on another question I had on a related subject).

I will digest this information and let you know.



Ok revisiting this information as this project takes off again. The comparison link you sent has changed becaue of Symantec buy out

This is a useful matrix on PGP suite (look at "Shared storage encryption") @ http://www.pgp.com/products/comparison_matrix.html

Do you therefore know the new equivelent link if it exists?
btanExec Consultant
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not that know of but it should have been quite independent of the purchase as it still retained their naming. probably a quick check with desired vendor will be more effective to lead to the information.


I've had great trouble with PGPon my Lenovo. I was using support but they abandoned the problem with me as they said they could not recreate it. Obviousy this is off putting but still not found something suitable.
Will update soon.


Many thanks for this.
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