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Email - Exchange and external ISP

lbit asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Here's my configuration:
SBS2003 with Exchange
Externally hosted ISP (mail.ourcompany.com) for mail with Exchange set up to pull POP3 into local mailbox

One person in the company needs to receive/send email from the company email address.  I set him up on our external ISP as name@ourcompany.com.  He can receive/send email just fine - as long as it is from somebody outside our company.

When another employee sends him an email (i.e. from Joe@ourcompany.com to Sam@ourcompany.com), the server thinks Sam is an internal exchange client and cannot resolve the address.  I do not have Sam set up as a user on the server.

Anyway to force internal email to route to the external ISP?  Or do I have to set Sam up as a user on the server and give him OWA access??
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Dave MessmanIT Consultant

I'm confused as to why this matters.

User 1, user 2, and user 3.

Each user has an Exchange mailbox on the ISP's POP server.  Each user has a local Exchange mailbox.

Every 15 minutes, the Exchange server pops the ISP pop server and brings mail to the Exchange mailbox.

What's the difference if user 2 sends mail through the ISP's mail server and eventually ends up in the Exchange mailbox that way or sends it directly to the Exchange mailbox?  

As many other people will probably say - I'd recommend moving your mail processing to the Exchange server.  That's what it's there for and it works great.  There are other means for ensuring mail delivery in case of an outage.


It matters because they did not want to give this user any access on the server.  Why I don't know.  So this one user does NOT have a local Exchange mailbox.  He only has a mailbox on the ISP's server.

And yes, I realize that it is recommended to move mail to the exchange server.  But not an option at this point.
IT Consultant
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Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange Architect

Give the user a mailbox and that will solve things easily.

Why treat this user any different to others? What is the issue?


Thanks - good solution.  Before I do that, think I'll try again to get my client to 'allow' them on the server.  I am not sure exactly why they are so worried about this.  But if not, tested yours and it works.
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