How do I set a reverse DNS pointer up for Exchange 2010

I have an Exchange 2010 server running Exchange 2010 SP1
If I run telnet 25
I get a response, but it's my local domain name (myservername.lcl). Other mail servers are seeing this local domain name as well and are not receiving mail because they can't resolve the local domain name.
If this were Exchange 2003 I could change the domain name seen by other servers in the SMTP virtual server. How do I change the domain name seen by other servers in Exchange 2010?
It's not possible to change the FQDM in the default connector -- it's not allowed, the name must be the local domain name.
I am (was) able to change the banner using the Set-ReceiveConnector comandlet. However, when a HELO command is issued, the same local domain name is being broadcast.
There must be a way to change this so other mail servers will not reject mail.
How can I do that?

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Rajith EnchiparambilConnect With a Mentor Office 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
You can set the domain name in Send Connector, but in your case you need to create a new "Receive" connector for Port 25, with permission groups identical. You can specify the IP of your server for this connector so that it is different from the default.

Then, set the name as say,, whatever you want the banner to be.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
The Reverse dns records needs to be created by your ISP and put on your T1, DSL or cable line. After this is complete, go into Windows server manager and add the DNS feature. i'm assuming the NS is aready active, but might need tweaking so it contains your IP address.

You can also check it at
Check the Send Connector properties on your Transport server, you should be able to override from there...

Check out;

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michaelshavelAuthor Commented:
Rajith --

do I need to delete the original Default Receive connector after creating the new one or do I leave them both there?
My guess is I leave them both, but I wanted to make sure.

michaelshavelAuthor Commented:
Thanks. This is exactly what I needed to know. It's working now.
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