Changing DNS information in SBS 2003

We changed our internet service when we moved.  New internet has new dns information.
How do i change the dns information inside Windows 2003 sbs standard?

Current Nic on the server when performing ipconfig /all
ip = (sbs server)
subnet =
gateway = (cisco asa device)
dns = (sbs server)

So, this makes me think the dns records for the new isp needs to be entered into the server dns section.  I know that there is a dns area but I also noticed microsoft recommending using the "change ip" to make this change.  I am a bit unfamiliar with changing dns information.  Thanks for your help.

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perfectpcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am guessing from what your saying, you can't currently resolve. If you have new external dns servers, check that the forwarders are correct if set.

open up dns, right click the server name at the top and choose properties. Now choose the forwarders tab and set the correct dns server ip's
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The proper way to do this with SBS 2003 is to run the CEICW (configure e-mail and internet connection wizard) located by going to server management | internet and e-mail | connect to the internet. This will update the DNS forwarders and "refresh" the router connection.
gocgaAuthor Commented:
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