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How can I upgrade Oracle to in Solaris environment? This databse use Streams to replicate a schema DML operation to another database. (Bi-directional). What pre-cautions we need to take? Can anyone throw some idea and the steps?

Thanks in advance.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
The readme for the patchset should have any special steps for streams if there are any.

I've never done that specific patchset on streams but is the readme doesn't specifically mention streams, it should be just like any other patch.

If you are nervous about it just stop propagation while you upgrade them.  Once everything is patched, restart propagation.
hi sree_vasan,
- i believe you have an Oracle Support contract? there are published cases on applying patches on Solaris. these problem/cases might/might not hit your environment, depending on how your is setup.

- if you have the access to Metalink, read up these Doc ID:
: Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues [ID 555579.1] >> this includes comments that is not included in the Patch Set README
: ocrcheck failed When Applying Patchset or on Solaris [ID 734129.1]
: OUI-15038 While Installing The Patchset On Solaris 10 [ID 749197.1]
: CRS Does Not Start On The Second Node After Applying On Solaris [ID 785305.1]
: Streams Specific Patches [ID 437838.1] on top of
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