Are parentheses considered operands?

I'm just going over some notes for my data structures and algorithms class and I would like to know if parentheses are considered operands? If not, what are they called?


Also, are ABCDEF operands while +*-/^ are operators?
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phoffricConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the way you used them, the parenthesis are not operands. They are used here just to define the top-level order of operations. Usually they are used to change the default order of operations that you happen to be using.

ABCDEF are operands, and +*-/^ are binary operators as used here. However, +- can also be unary operators, as in +3/9. Here the + is a unary operator since it takes on only one operand.
As you may already know, in some computer languages, for example, C++, the parenthesis not only serves as a way to change the default order of operations, but also can serve as a calling operator on a function pointer or can be defined overloaded in a class so that the the unary operator, () can be applied to a class object.
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