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Is there any software that can analyze a video I already have for specific items or motion

This should be a simple question. We recently found out that some of our employees are possibly removing company money that does not belong to them (I didnt say steal, that would be slanderous LOL) and doing fake transactions and such. There is one person who is doing this in a smarter way than the other two and can only be caught is if i review and see something in the surveilance videos. Is there any software that can take a video file and skip to scenes where there is motion or other items I can specify??? I can use either Mac or PC or if needs be Linux (although then I will probalby have a billion questions on this site, so Mac or windows is a better choice).

Thank you in advance!
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Hi kaosmadness, in circumstances such as this you or the managers should install  internal security cameras.
 Is there any software that can take a video file and skip to scenes where there is motion or other items I can specify< yes indeed, there is motion sensative cameras once the video is recorded depending on where it is streamed to or stored on you simply play it and FF to any position.

 Video cameras that have motion-sensing capabilities have been around for a while. A motion sensor camera is different though. These devices are actually small pinhole cameras built right into a traditional PIR motion detector shell. Each of these hidden cameras is made to look exactly like a typical motion sensor that comes with any standard alarm-based security systems. The only difference is a fully functional pinhole camera is concealed inside.
Here's a couple of ideas  very affordable.
Yawcam - Turn Your Webcam Into A Security Cam  windows

25+ Applications to turn Webcam into Home Security System
Hope it inspires you
Sorry I just reread your question header>Is there any software that can analyze a video I already have for specific items or motion<< what is the format of the video?<<

Do you just want to play it in slow motion or something?
VLC player  includes the snapshot option and player speed can be reduced to slow motion zoom in supports a vast video format and is free,
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Hi! Thanks for the reply, but yes. it is video I already have, one weeks worth of video more or less and The way that this DVR backs up is in 30 files so it quite a bit of files. I was hopping to not have to scan thru all of them manually but just get to when he is near one particular area.
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A V GeorgeAdditional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:
There are a number of freeware video editors which have scene detection feature.

Load the video and the software automaticaLly displays thumbnails wherever there is a change of scene.

Here is a link to a good one though you can Google for many more...


This way you need to scan through the thumbnails only instead of the whole video which will serve your purpose bdoll.

Good Luck!
The DVR should have time stamps right?
In windows 7 and have windows Live Moviemaker free
When you drop a video on it breaks it into thumbnail views.
Are your looking for professional software like on CCTV?

Adding to avgavg suggestion from above,
Pinnacle Studio HD is another that has this feature
Their overall products, look in video editing~> Pinnacle Studio
 a guide that shows about this feature
If you are importing footage that has come from an DV or HDV source, Pinnacle Studio will automatically enable scene detection for you. Via the scene detection feature, Pinnacle Studio will detect natural breaks in the video you are importing. The various scenes that are created will be based off of those natural breaks.
I would load this into the timeline of a video editor program, then scrub fast for locating interesting events and play those in real time.  
Manual method but still usable in my opinion.
kaosmadnessAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone!!! Avqavq's solution turned out to be really good and free!!
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