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Shrinking partiton size

Boerne asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
How do I get the files on my HDD all up to the front so I can put them on a SSD with less capacity?

Disk defragmenters/optimizers won't move some files in the middle and upper parts of the partition.

Can a Partition Manager program handle this without loss of data?
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Thanks, veedar,

I currently have Paragon's partition manager as well as MiniTool's.
Are you familiar with them and are they comparable?


I downloaded BootIt NG.  It looked good, but required making bootable CDs.

Paragon required an on-line registration to function.

However, the MiniTool Partition Wizard worked from within Windows XP and required only a single reboot!

Now, on to seeing what works with Win7 64-bit.

Thanks, veedar.


I did not mean to put my answer as part of the solution.
The checkbox for Best Solution was right next to Veedar's name.
How it got attributed to me, I don't know.
Please give credit to Veedar.


The answer was quite terse, but got me going in the right direction

Thanks Boerne. The beauty of the boot CD method is that it is totally independent of the OS. It does not care if it's 32 or 64 bit or what the OS version is. All it cares about is seeing a disk partition to operate on.
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