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jQuery Slideshow and Accordian menu

Hello.  I have this slideshow created and running off of my local desktop.  Having some bug issues and code questions though and was wondering if someone can help me out.

For reference, I'm working with this slide show called "JSiderNews Plugin" found here:  http://www.queness.com/community-news/4988/15-must-see-jquery-slideshow-plugins-and-tutorialsYou can click on the DEMO button to try it out.  See the Features/Specs about the slide show.

I have a jquery accordian menu to the right of it and I'm not sure if the two are not meshing well together,

Here are the issues I'm having:

(1.)  When you advance to the next slide, the test video I have in place (on the first slide) should STOP PLAYING.  It seems to stop playing in Google Chrome and Safari, but not in Firefox or IE.  Plus, I have the slideshow on "auto play" as it should advance to the next slide automatically, yet I don't want it to advance if there's a video on slide one "until it finishes playing."
Secondly, after the very last slide plays, it should land back on slide 1 and STOP.  Where the user has to click whether or not they want the video to start playing.

Note: In the js folder I've attached I have a folder within called "original."  This is the original script.js file that came with the demo.  The modified one which has the video functions to stop, etc is the one I'm currently linking to.

(2) There seems to be somewhat of a layout issue as it looks ok in IE and FF, but in Chrome and Safari the slide show is off center and space surrounds it.

(3) The "navigator" at the top: In IE when I go to click on the second thumbnail it doesn't do anything, yet if I choose the third thumbnail and go back to the second it then kicks in and reacts to go to the next slide.  Not sure why it hangs like that. Plus the left and right navigation buttons don't do anything in this browser, yet it works in the other browsers. **It does work in IE in the demo that I downloaded and online at that site link I gave, yet not in my working example here...  so it must be something I'm doing wrong.  

(4) When I click on "TAB 4" at the right on the accordian menu, the "container" expands taller and I'm not sure why.  very noticable in FF, Safari and Chrome.  

(5.) When you open the page for the very first time, seems like the accordian menu expands all the way really fast until the slideshow loads and then it contracts itself correctly.  Do you know why and how I can prevent this?

Let me know if anyone is willing to help me with this issues.  I'd really appreciate it.

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1 Solution
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
to answer some of your questions

(2) Add the float:right property for the accordian:
<div class="container-a" style="float: right;">

(4) see (2)

(5) see (2)
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
You're also using HTML5 only tags such as <video> and <source> when you've specified the doctype as xhtml

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