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Id like to run a few servers out of my house however I have a dynamic IP address from my ISP. Is it possible to run a few servers that have a dedicated and that can be reached outside of my network?
Cyber ITEngineerAsked:
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Brian GeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you and/or a few people are accessing externally, then a dynamic DNS service might be useful to you (try dyndns.org as a service I can recommend). If the scope is much broader (many more users or you are offering professional services), then seek out the static IP service from a local ISP.  
Patmac951Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend dyndns.org too.  Secondly with a Dynamic assigned IP address from your ISp you can use a software like, http://Logmein.com or http://gotomypc.com 

Log me in is free, Go to My PC is not.  

Finally and my suggestion would be to ask your ISP for a static IP address. Depending upon your location and service provider it should not be more $10 per month, in California with Verizon FIOS it is $5 per month for a static IP and definitely well worth if it especially if you want to have complete control of your inbound internet traffice. You will always have the same WAN IP address then with a router you can route traffic from the Internet back to your local network anyway you want to.

use  dyndns.org

it will work.
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Check your router for Dynamic DNS. Some of the nicer, new models include it built in.

NOTE: Your ISP will likely block ports for incoming email and www. If thats what your trying to do you're out of luck and will have to upgrade to the business tier. That tier will likely come with static IPs, Suddenlink gives 6 with theirs.

Cyber ITEngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments. I was looking into No-Ip.com but I will also check out dyndns.org.  I have a DLink 655 router but was thinking about getting a Cisco E3200 or E4200 router.

What Im trying to do is run a FTP server and a SharePoint server possible Web Server.  I created a machine and installed ESXi and created a bunch of VMs on it.  I wanted to be able to access my FTP server via a FTP client and access my SharePoint server via the net by a named address, not IP. A Web server of course would be via a name.  All of these are test machines.
Cyber ITEngineerAuthor Commented:
I ended up using dyndns.org to setup my FTP server.  Thanks!
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