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help with my HW

drivenit asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-24
I normally don't post hw questions but i'm in a spot here was hoping someone could help. I'm not a java programmer but school is requiring i do some so anyway here is the problem any help would be much appreciated..

You have been hired as a Java programmer to generate an amortization schedule. This program should be in the form of a Java applet. Inquiries will be Web-based using a browser. Your program should execute within the browser and prompt the user for three different inputs. The first is the loan amount, the second is the length of the loan and the last is the annual interest rate. Your task is to write a Java applet that will provide the user with their payment schedule. This amortization schedule would include their monthly payment amount, interest amount, principal amount and their remaining balance per pay period.

The applet input will be the loan amount, annual percentage rate (APR), and the number of years to pay out the loan. The output will be the loan amount, interest rate per pay period number of pay periods and the monthly payment. This information would be followed by the amortization schedule. Following is an example of the expected output for a $20,000 loan over 5 years at 1% interest rate.

Loan Amount $20,000
Interest Rate per pay period 0.00625
Pay Periods 60
Monthly Payment Amount $400.76

Payment     Monthly Amount        Interest      Principal     Balance
1                              400.76        125.00       275.76     19,724.24
2                              400.76        123.28       277.48     19,446.76
3                              400.76        121.54       279.22     19,167.54
59                            400.76            4.96       395.80          398.18
60                            400.67            2.49       398.18              0.00

The necessary calculations were provided to you:

p,loan amount or principal
n,number of payments = payments per year * number of years
i,interest rate per pay period = APR/payments per year = APR/12
t,interest paid = interest rate per pay period * previous principal balance
r,monthly payment amount = principal * interest per period / (1-(1+(interest per period)/100)^(number of payments-1)^2)
a, principle amount = monthly payment amount – interest paid
b, principle balance = previous balance – principle amount
Hint: In Java syntax the monthly payment calculation is:



Please note that your program should accept three inputs:

The loan amount,
Annual Percentage Rate, and
The number of years to pay out the loan
And calculate six types of outputs:

The monthly payment amount,
Interest per pay period,
Number of pay periods,
Amortization schedule (including amount of interest per pay period, principal per pay period, and principle balance)
When coding your applet, remember the following:

Your applet needs to extend the Applet (or JApplet) class. Of course, you need to import the appropriate applet package(s).
Your applet needs to have declarations for the fields, labels, components, widgets,etc. that you use in the applet.
There are applet methods that are called automatically by browsers (please see your textbook). Make sure you initialize (implement init()) your applet.
You need the code that does the calculation of the interest.
You need to handle the event of pressing the button. There are some examples in the book (ask your instructor for the specific pages).
You may use this sample code for example.
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Awarded 2011


As you probably know, the experts on EE are not supposed to do the homework for you.
If you provide initial draft, we may help you with debugging and correction.


Thanks for putting me in check this is what i have so far.

I understand the scanner import. I understand the class and the method statements but know little about applets and how to create the gui using html. Any help would be appreciated.

   // ip5. japplet that calculates interest on a mortgae
   import java.util.Scanner;

   public class IP5

       //starts main
      public static void main( String[] args )
         Scanner scanner = new Scanner ( System.in ); // prompts for input

         System.out.print( "Please Enter Loan Amount:" );
         int p = scanner.nextInt();
         System.out.print( "Please Input your APR:" );
         int i = scanner.nextInt();
         System.out.print( "Please Enter for How many Years:" );
         int n = scanner.nextInt();
         System.out.printf( "\nResult; %d * %d = %d\n", p, i, n );
      } // end input
Awarded 2011
Awarded 2011


If you need to write an Applet, you don't need to create a GUI using HTML.
You will hardly need Scanner class either.
You need to learn how to create the GUI with Java code - it would be very similar
if it is applet (using class JApplet as the parent) or application (using class JFrame as the parent).
You may try to search on the internet and in EE for such program and
then read some stuff about java GUI to understand the main concepts and the code
which you may find.

Sr. Consultant
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thnx that is a helpful tutorial
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