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InDesign CS5 - Export to PDF (print)   W7 Pro 64

willsherwood asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Print to PDF, and Export (Interative (lo res)) work  fine
with this version CS5 (i'm a late adopter!) i've not been able to get Export (Print) to work.
It let's me select the target output filename, and the PDF parameters, and then it just quits the export thread and immediately goes back to InDesign without doing anything (visible or functional).

I looked around to try to find bug reports, but none seem to match  Export to PDF (Print)
specifically. I'm not 100% sure, but i believe Export (print) worked prior to this latest auto-update.

any suggestions?

InDesign 7.0.3
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I found one person on a forum who fixed this by changing linked files from EPS to PSD. Thought I might mention it.

Plus since this problem is happening with CS5, I would try saving the file in an earlier version or as an .inx (supposed to be compatible with earlier versions) and then re open and try exporting

There is always the other way to make a PDF to try (use File, Print and select Adobe PDF)



thanks for your help, i've been trying various combinations, and found one that worked.  i hope it will continue to work!

Great - I wonder which thing you tried worked?

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