Sharepoint 2010 and VS 2010 - Accessing sharepoint lists from Client app (not on server)

I am using VS 2010 - and writing a C#, ASP.NET web app.  

I have been trying linq to sharepoint and everything else just trying to read data from an SP 2010 list but I am unable to access it probably because it requires credentials and I don't see a way to add that.  I have tried a number of methods.  I tried to create an ADO.NET  service from the SVC file but get some error when it tries to generate it.

Is it possible to use linq to Sharepoint from an ASP.NET web application that is running on another server if I know the credentials?  I hate CML and BCS seems a bit heavy unless there is some utiltiy that can make it easier it use.  Is there a simple way to make it happen (bear in mind that I am NOT running a DLL inside sharepoint so I don't have the context etc... so those type solutions won't work.)

Thanks for any pointers

I see that my SP 2010 has the web services listdata.asmx and there is an SVC file but it fails with an error when I try ot generate
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vamail2Author Commented:
Thank you so much.  That was teh most comrpehensive single source on the subject.  Thank you for locating and sharing that!!  
vamail2Author Commented:
Great source of help.
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