Moving SIP trunks to new location?

we have (had) an ASA 5505 provisioning SIP trunks (8 of them) to our Asterisk phone server running freepbx front-end.  The system was set up by an outside consultant some months ago.

We're moving to a new facility, under new management, and they have some questions.  I'm not 100% familiar with this, so bear with me and please let me know the following:

Questions i have:
1) When we move to the new facility, wouldn't all we have to do is change the IP address for the public side of the phone server on the ASA?  Is there any change we'd have to make on the freepbx 'trunks' config to connect to our SIP provider?  as far as i know that's pointing to the provider's IP address, and there's nothing we'd have to change, right?
2) To ADD additional trunks - wouldn't we just call our provider and say we want additional trunks?  Anything we'd have to do on the phone server end?
3) Finally, to add an extension/handset, how would we set that up?  Is there a set way to do it in FreePBX?

Thanks so much guys
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José MéndezConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1- As far as the rest of the network remains the same, the ASA config should consider the new IP address only.
2- Correct, just talk with your provider. However, what exactly is the need to get additional trunks? A trunk is just an IP address where you set specific parameters to handle your calls. Is it maybe that you need to be able to have additional concurrent calls? If so, requesting you provider extra bandwidth for an X amount of money should do it, they will tell you the details though.
3-  To add additional extensions/devices thru FreePBX, follow the steps here:

It looks like your company is getting bigger, congratz! Hope this helps
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for the help. Yes I guess i mean concurrent calls, my mistake :)

If they did want to change the IP scheme internally I think that would be fairly straightforward, but to my knowledge everything internally is remaining the same. If it did change, wouldn't I just change the dhcp scope and advertise the gateway/router to be the phone server, right?

Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Oh one more question if you don't mind. How do I load scripts for additional phone types into asterisk? I was file that if I wanted to use a certain voip phone, say for instance an aastra 6757i, that I would need to find the script for that phone and load it into the server so that phone would be supported. Is that something you can help point me in the right direction on please?
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