Dear Experts,

i am getting below error in my event viewer of DC.

category is application, source is SescLU, event ID 13.

LiveUpdate returned a non-critical error.  Available content updates may have failed to install.

best regards,
Syed Muhammad Usman
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comphilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an error generated by Symantec LiveUpdate - do you have any Symantec products installed such as Backup Exec or Endpoint?

I have seen this occur from time to time when a product such as Endpoint is installed and occasionally it fails to find an update but manages OK on the next try.

If you did once have something but it is no longer installed, removing LiveUpdate may be all you need to do but only if it's definitely no longer required.
itubafAuthor Commented:
yes, the problem was from live update. i updated live update with latest patch. problem resloved.
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