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wireless aircard and linux

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
My os is Linux ubuntu...
I recently purchased an aircard from a famous telephone company..
after purchasing I came to know that it is not compatible with linux ubuntu..
with out changing my ubuntu could you please suggest me any aircard or anything that can work with linux..The purpose is to access through internet where there is no wifi..
Immediate help is highly appreciated..
Thanks in advance,,,
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Found some inform on the Sierra modem.

Re: Sierra Aircard 881 USB + Linux?

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07-04-2008 09:41:43 AM
It will work great in LInux!
Open Kppp
hit the configure button
on accounts tab create new account
connection name: "aircard" or whatever you desire
phone number:  *99***1#
auth: pap/chap

on the modems tab
hit the "new" button
name your modem
*modem device:  /dev/ttyUSB2
now click on modem tab
uncheck wait for dial tone
hit the modem commands button
init1 box enter:  AT+CGDCONT=1"IP,"isp.cingular"
hit the query modem button
it should recognize and return info about the modem
pwd:     CINGULAR1
will get you connected

however i must use firefox or Opera browser. konqueror wont connect for some reason
*i can also get my samsung cell phone to work as an aircard modem
  by connecting it with a usb cable and choosing   /dev/ttyACM0 under modem device
Your problem isn´t the router. The problem is on your wirless card that isn´t compatible with linux.
But if you tell me you wirelless card in the computer maybe i can found a driver module for you.
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