How to upgrade from Windows mobile 6.1 to mobile 6.5?


I am looking for information about upgrading my current Windows Mobile 6.1 handset to windows mobile 6.5
Currently i have Samsung B7610 handset and confirmed that it can be upgraded to 6.5.
I do not wish to loose my data and applications during the upgrade.
Any help will be appreciated.
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I would go to a service center at this point in time especally if you do not want to loose your adresss book.

 The sets can be updated in the SAMSUNG service centre. Dont try updating from the net as many links are available but they will detoriate it further. Go to the nearest service centre and have it done. But before updating do go through the pros and cons of windows 6.5. Reviews are not in favours of 6.5.. Those who have it updated are having a few problems..
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