What is the best way to ensure the team recevies support emails

How can I create a setup that will allow a project team to view any support emails covering holidays etc
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this method means that all emails sent to the group will be sent to each member as a separate email.

another solution would be to create an email account which all users access as a secondary mailbox. i have several sites that have an "info@" address, and several members of staff have access to it as a secondary mailbox. it means they can all see what emails have come in, as well as which ones have been replied to, and what replies have been sent.
create a distribution group, subscribe all team members to that group, then any emails sent to that group will be sent to all members.

if you just need to do this for internal mail, then this is all you have to do - just make sure all the team members know to mail the group.

if you need external mail to reach everyone, then set up an email account to receive that email, and then forward all mail received there to the group
i am of course assuming that you're using MS exchange. you don't actually say what your setup is at all.
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