Excel cannot complete this task with available resources.... 2010

Ever since I installed office 2010 on my Windows 7 machine I have been receiving the following errors:

"Excel Cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less date or close other applications."

this is followed by a statement that the file cannot be opened or corrupted and then repeats the message above about 10 times.

This error is all over the web without much resolution.

The error occurs after an excel sheet is already opened and I try to open another one through windows explorer.  The sheets are very small.   there is no data connections or macros in these sheets.

The only work around is to first open another excel then go to open file and locate the file I need to open.   This opens the same file without any problems.   This makes no sense because excel just told me I didn't have enough memory followed by an error message stating the file was corrupt.

This happens on all excel files not specific ones.   It's very frustrating.   I see this documented all over the place with no real solutions.   Most of the answers here seem to point to older versions of Office.   I believe this may be related to office 2010 and windows 7.

Please help.... Excel opening Excel 2
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zorvek (Kevin Jones)ConsultantCommented:
Are any add-ins being loaded? If so try turning them off.

Might be time to run a virus scan?
EnerconITAuthor Commented:
It is not a virus.  I am on a well protected network.   The problem (as I said) is documented throughout the web with not specific solutions.   Thanks.
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EnerconITAuthor Commented:
It appears there were some obscure COM add-ins loaded.   After removing this cleared up the problem.
I should have checked the Add-ins.

Thanks for your help!
I have the exact same issue.  I've tried opening a safe version of Excel and I do not have any add-ins of any type loaded but I continue to get this error regardless.  I'm using an i7 with 12 GB of ram and this shouldn't be happening.  

Any other suggestions?
Ljpeson - are you running 32-bit or 64-bit OS?  Excel?
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