compress batch of pictures

Hi, sometime ago I used a program to compress a batch of pictures, and I was able to even add to the original name "th" for Thumbnail, but I don't remember the name of the software, or where did I save it.
Does anybody knows the name of this program, or have a different program to use.
I need a program to be able to :
compress a batch of pictures.
specify the H or W to compress
add a different name to the resulting product

P.D It was a freeware software
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I use FastStone Photo Resizer. It's got lots of built in renaming functionality as well.
Do a search in Google on the terms:
batch image compression software

You will see a number of applications, many free, that work similar to what you are suggesting. The first one I looked at was called Resize. It says that you can change multiple images and save the files with a prefix. It doesn't specifically say that you can save files with a '.th' extension, but it does say that the application is good for creating thumbnails, so, maybe...

Here's the link to a blog containing the description of Resize:
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Sounds like Irfanview.  I use it all the time.  It's much quicker for basic resizing and cropping than a full image editor.
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XNView offers everything that you asked, and taking advantage of multiple core cpus to speed up the conversion!

For free here:
IrfanView is perfect for this job.
Click on File > Batch Conversion / Rename and you'll have a window with tons of options for resizing, converting and renaming the images. All these settings are easy to understand if you have a minimum of acknowledge about images and graphic.

If you only need a quick way to resize images automatically (for sending them as attachment, for example) you can also consider an automated tool like dropresize. It's a utility that automatically resize all the images you put in a certain folder.

What exactly to you mean by "compress a batch of pictures"?
You mean "resizing" the images?

Was this some software that created images for web pages and automatically created a page showing thumbnail images that opened the full sized images when clicked?

IrfanView, as suggested by others here, does the web page creation too - I use it often for that.

If you really want to find the software you originally used, then perhaps if you described what the progam window looked like (or reminded you of) and roughly how you went about doing the processing, then perhaps one of us will remember.

Otherwise you may be better just to test out alternatives.  Is it for web page layout creation, or just for general batch resizing of images?

You will find that most products allow you, from the user options, to apply a prefix, suffix, date, or many other text to the names of converted/resized files, so don't be too focused on the fact that the software you originally used was unique in its generation of the "th_" prefix.
Free powerful tool - JPEG Resampler 2010:
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