exchange server (unable to send mail to g mail from exchange server)

hi sir

i am using exchange server 2007. my domain name is and this domain is configured at my server that public ip is, i ma using NAT and my local server ip is am sending 3 screen shot.screen print2 and3  print  is my domain configuration and print1 is exact error that is showing when i am sending mail on g mail.i can receive mail from g mail but unable to send. please check my attachment file and solve my problem.
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Suliman Abu KharroubConnect With a Mentor IT Consultant Commented:
Also you have to clear your IP address... check it on and request to remove it from black list... this will take time to take effect.

another option is to use a new IP address from your ISP ( if you have another one) and change to point to this ip address... also make sure to create a ptr record.
Looking at the message - Your mail was rejected by - my initial thought was that google and therefore gmail, are using an RBL (Blacklist) checker to see if an ip address is a known spam source.

Then I went to and put your ip address into it for a check.

Sure enough, your ip address is lodged in 6 of the RBLs checked.

I'm SURE that's why google are blocking mail from you.

To correct this, you need to ensure that your exchange servers are correctly configured so they don't act as open relays, that your PCs and Servers within your provate network are clear of viruses, and not sending out spam.

Then, and only then, contact any of the RBLs that have blocked you, and go through the unblock my IP address process for each RBL.

As a quick fix, if your ISP has a smart host setting, which you can forward your mail through, then use it, BUT, you NEED to fix whatever it is that got you in the RBLs in the first place!
kkgg12Author Commented:

i have checked my ip .i am sending attachment, i am unable to  understood my ip is blocked or not but i am u able to send  mail to external server like gmail yahoomail and more.but i can receive mail from  outside server.

i am able to send mail to intranet but not on internet.
my exact problem is that , i a am unable to send mail to internet mail server.
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prashant_sawantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When the IP address gets blacklisted the mails are not accepted by the remote domains thinking of the mails to be spam, I suppose you have a confussion because once blacklisted the mails are received from other domain (due to open relay), Internal mail-flow also works, but the mails get rejected when send outside the domains.
So inorder to resolve the issue contact the ISP vendor and the get the IP address removed, Scan the server and make sure that the server is not an open relay.
kkgg12Author Commented:
hi i am sending screen shot please check that's  screen its showing that your ip is not blacklisted. u can also check it .please give me other solution why i am unable to send mail to internet server.
kkgg12Author Commented:
hi sir

if my ip is blacklisted then this type of error will show from my e-mail software.

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
 A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address (es) failed:
 SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO: []: 550-Message rejected because [] is blacklisted at
 550 see Blocked – see

but sir

you can see  my screen shot of print 1 in that screen u can see easily this type of error is not showing.its different type of error .
please request your ISP to create a PTR record for you. i face similar issue where few emails was rejected. after requesteing PTR fom ISP problem resolved.

Syed Muhammad  
kkgg12Author Commented:

i am agree but my problem is not solved.i will talk to my isp for this issue tomorrow.i am in india and i checked Mxtoolbox only support in US and please give other website name for blacklist  removal.
kkgg12Author Commented:
thanks now iam able to send mail from my own server to other server ;like gmail
kkgg12Author Commented:
thanks for guide to me

now i want to configure blackberry server at this exchange server.i am new for blackberry server so please guide to me so that i can easily install and configure step by step
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