Upgrading Issue of IBM eServer xSeries 232 Machine

HI Experts

I've to upgrade  IBM eServer xSeries 232 Machine which was having 3 SCSI Hot swapable HDD (18.2GB each), 2GB SDRAM (1+1) with Windows 2003 server running on it.

Got similar machine in store so pulled 2GB RAM & 3 similar SCSI drives. Installed RAMs, enabled them from BIOS & Its working fine with upgraded RAMs.

Inserted 3 SCSI HDDs, booted server but newly inserted SCSI HDD are not showing in windows. The LEDs are also not blinking on these drives. In Manage, I could see only 1 Basic disk with two partition (C,D) of previously installed HDD space. I couldn't find anything in BIOS regard that.

any help is to solve this is highly appriciated.

Best Regards  
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perfectpcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like it's a raid controller in the machine. During boot up you should get an option to configure the raid on the card
adeelg1Author Commented:
I Couldn't see RAID option during startup but some SCSI utility option appears by pressing CRTL+A. Went though it but there are some internal code etc couldn't find anything related HDDs. Will double check tomorrow about RAID option..

It's an active web server so couldn't restart again & again, further comments will be appriciated before I restart nextime...
adeelg1Author Commented:
By Pressing Ctrl+I, It openned Mini Configuration Utility where I can see that RAID 5 is configured by IBM ServeRAID but I couldn't any option to add or delete RAID or any SCSI harddisk info.

I've downloaded bootable IBM ServeRAID Support CD from IBM site, repeating my previous request, can I add these three spare harddisk without formating/disturbing existing server?

Purpose is to get extra storage...

Alternatively, using ServeRAID CD If I delete existing array/partitions & want to build server from start then how can I get maximum storage with redundancy If I have 6 SCSI HDD 18.2GB each.

Looking for your advice....  
adeelg1Author Commented:
Configured with RAID CD...
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