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I know the easy way to do this would be to power down the server and time it, but I would like to know if it is possible to get the time it takes for a server to turn off from event logs or something similar?

I'm in the process of setting up UPS powerdown procedures and need the time it takes my servers to powerdown.

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perfectpcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on what scripts you run at shutdown. If you let the average server shutdown it will take between 10-15 minutes. If you run a shutdown script to stop exhchange it is usually 4-5 minutes depending on server specs
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
If you enable system events in the local policy it will record the time that the server starts up/shuts down in the System event log.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I restart my servers at regular intervals and ran into that same problem. I created service shutdown scripts with a restart command at the end. It cuts the resrat time down considerably. Here is my script for one 2003 server. It stops services and restarts the servr after a 30 second delay.

net stop "Alerter" /y
net stop "Application Experience Lookup Service"
net stop "Application Layer Gateway Service" /y
net stop "Application Management" /y
net stop "Automatic Updates" /y
net stop "Backup Exec Agent Browser" /y
net stop "Backup Exec Job Engine" /y
net stop "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems" /y
net stop "Backup Exec Server" /y
net stop "Backup Exec Device & Media Service" /y
net stop "SQL Server (BKUPEXEC)" /y
net stop "BrSplService" /y
net stop "Computer Browser" /y
net stop "Cryptographic Services" /y
net stop "Distributed File System" /y
net stop "Distributed Link Tracking Client" /y
net stop "Distributed Link Tracking Server" /y
net stop "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" /y
net stop "Error Reporting Service" /y
net stop "File Replication Service" /y
net stop "FTP Publishing Service" /y
net stop "Help and Support" /y
net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service" /y
net stop "Indexing Service" /y
net stop "Intersite Messaging" /y
net stop "Intel PDS" /y
net stop "Intel(R) NMS" /y
net stop "Intersite Messaging" /y
net stop "InCD Helper /y
net stop "Java Quick Starter" /y
net stop "License Logging Service" /y
net stop "Messenger" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Management" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Event" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange Information Store" /y
net stop "Microsoft Exchange System Attendant"
net stop "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)" /y
net stop "Microsoft Search" /y
net stop "NBService" /y
net stop "Office Source Engine" /y
net stop "Net2Printer RDP License Service" /y
net stop "Net2Printer RDP Printer Service" /y
net stop "PowerChute Network Shutdown" /y
net stop "Pml Driver HPZ12" /y
net stop "Print Spooler" /y
net stop "Recollect Enterprise Services on WinNT" /y
net stop "Reporting Agents" /y
net stop "SAVRoam" /y
net stop "Symantec AntiVirus" /y
net stop "Symantec AntiVirus Definition Watcher" /y
net stop "Symantec Event Manager" /y
net stop "Symantec Settings Manager" /y
net stop "Symantec SPBBCSvc" /y
net stop "SAVRoam" /y
net stop "HTTP SSL" /y
net stop "IIS Admin Service" /y
net stop "Task Scheduler" /y
net stop "Telnet" /y
net stop "Windows Time" /y
net stop "Wireless Configuration" /y
net stop "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" /y
net stop "Fax Service" /y
net stop "LiveUpdate" /y
net stop "Telnet" /y
net stop "Uninterruptible Power Supply" /y
net stop "Windows Audio" /y
shutdown /r /t 30 /f /d p:4:1

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