Windown Phone 7 Development Question - longitude & latgitude

Is there a way to get photo info such as longitude & latgitude in Windows phone 7?
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Some apps out there get the lat/long and the picture separately, then combine them for whatever use.
Haven't looked into more detailed photo info yet, as I have only one app out on the Marketplace so far.
Does this link to code (download at end of article) help?

And no, this is not my area of expertise, but had ran across this article and thought I'd throw it out there.

Hope it helps.

VBdotnet2005Author Commented:
I need photo info, lat & long. Isn't there something to read photo info? No, above code does not help.
VBdotnet2005Author Commented:
Any thoughts?
VBdotnet2005Author Commented:
no what I am looking for
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