If "not" selector is incompatible, how does it degrade?

Hey there,

I'm wondering about using the css3 selector :not. If a browser does not support the css3 selector, does it pretend like it is not there and ignores it but still applies the styles to everything, or does the whole style get ignored?

Just a quick curiosity,
Thanks. ;)
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idustyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To my understanding, in all of these css pseudo classes, if not supported, the style just gets ignored. This could also be browser specific, but to this date I can't recall a situation where a non-supporting browser have behaved in any other way.

If anyone else have any other experiences, I'd be interested to hear about them too.
SawyeraAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the insight. I guess I'll be careful when using them. ;)
Thanks for the points Sawyera,

Remember to have this list also close by when making the decisions :)

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