How to calculate BCWS and BCWP and CV based on the information saved in Baseline 1

I need to be able to compare various schedules in my project plan, one of which includes the BCWS and BCWP based on the Schedule I saved in baseline 1.  And then, also to be able to see the variance based on Baseline 1 vs. Actual (aka CV in MS Project).  Do I need to build a macro for this, since I haven't seen such an option in MS Project, and if the answer is yes, what would be the code that would apply in this case.  MS Project only provides the BCWS and BCWP based on the baseline schedule not on baseline 1 schedule.
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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:
That's probably the issue here. You need to select either Baseline OR Baseline1 as your base for EV calculation. Finally there is only ONE BCWP and BCWS field (also timephased data) and this is set in the options to pull from the selected baseline.

Or do you just need to compare baseline vs baseline1 and see BCWP with these?
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

this depends on the version of MSP you are using:

For the 2010 version you can select the baseline for EVA in the options at File..Options..Advanced..Earned Value Options.
For 2007 you find the same in Tools..Options..Calculation..Earned Value


pmcoordinatorAuthor Commented:
Yes, that works.  My question now is, what if I want to see the EVA caclulations based on baseline and baseline 1 all in one view at the same time, so I can compare the numbers.  Is that possible, or I can only view that for one baseline at a time.  

pmcoordinatorAuthor Commented:
the exact answer for this question was not provided.
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