Command Line Shutdown of Windows 2003 Server on the Internet

Hi All,

Does anyone have the command line syntax for remote shutdown and restart of a Win2003 server machine over the internet. (if one has the correct credentials of course).

Note the key words "Over the internet". The PC I am using is not networked to the Win2003 Server so I am not asking about a restart over LAN using CMD prompt (there is lots of stuff on that on google). The Win2003 server is on a public domain and has remote desktop access enabled. I have been able to do this many moons ago and can't find the syntax for using the CMD line.

Many thanks

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Brian GeeCommented:
If you're able to remote desktop to this server (since it is enabled) over the Internet and then I would initiate a remote desktop session and then run this from the command line:

shutdown -r -f -t 0
JenebyMAuthor Commented:
The Win2003 machine is running but access using rdp brings up a black screen because we have a program that was running in a perpetual loop that has hogged all the memory.

The reason I am trying shut down is so that I can release memory and access using rdp normally.

Although rdp is active I cant run any programs remotely until the server is rebooted.
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
While the shutdown works great locally or on the LAN..  I think you want to use Psshutdown..


JenebyMAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a solution that uses command line and not installed software or any middleware (for reasons that are internal and I would rather not bore you with).


You gave me an idea. Although the desktop is black when I use rdp (for reasons we know). I used --->> options -->> programs -->> cmd.exe on program path/file name. This started the cmd.exe on the server machine right on top of the black/blank desktop and I was able to the user shutdown /r /m \\name

The system has restarted and I have accessed the server normally to fix the memory hungry process.

Points shared proportionately.
JenebyMAuthor Commented:
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