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jwebster77 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I have a question.  I have a sharepoitn site and I have created a couple custom lists.  I need to find out a way to have users have the ablity to enter new records but not edit records once they have been submitted.  Can anyone give me guidence on this.  Thanks!
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Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it

tricky, there should be various ways to execute this depending on the requirement.
one would be go to list > settings > list settings > advanced settings > change EDIT ACCESS settings.
& done!!!

There are a couple ways to do this, but none of them are point and click. First, what version of SharePoint are you using?

If using SharePoint 2010, one option is to create a workflow so that any time an item is added, it changes the permissions so only the users you want have access to the item. SharePoint 2007 can also do this with the USPDCWA (http://spdactivities.codeplex.com/) pack. both of these require SharePoint designer.

Another option for SharePoint 2010/2007 is to create a workflow, or visual studio event receiver, that whenever an item is added, create a matching item in another library that the user doesn't have Edit/Contribute access. Optionally delete the item after successful copy.

You can also create a folder for all submitted items (with the necessary read-only permissions for end users), then create an event receiver to take any items added to the list and move them to the folder. I would love if the native Workflows could do foldering, but they fall dreadfully short here.

In short, no solutions are that simple. If they have write access to the library, they can create or edit. There are some 3rd party solutions out there as well.

Good point - I misinterpreted the question I guess. I thought they wanted to remove read access after submittal as well. Also, that option doesn't exist in document libraries (just something to be aware of - I know it's not part of the OP's question).
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it

Expert, happens with us all, no wonder, thanks for contribution.


Thanks for the info.  Sounds like a workflow is the route I want to go.  I went into sharepoint designer.  Can someone help me with the steps on said workflow.  What I would really like is a field to be not editable until a record is entered and then once it is entered a specific person or persons are the only ones who can edit that record.

Sure - what version of SharePoint are you running?


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I don't have much experience 2010, but this is easily done in 2007 without the use of workflows. You basically have to create a new permisison level  and when you create a new group, just assign that permission level to it. When you create the new permisison level, you'll have options that you can turn on and off, like deleting list items or editing list items, etc. You can then break inheritance on that list when you assign the new group it it. That way, that group can still edit their calendar entries, but NOT edit their entries in the list you specify. I've done this many times.

OH, found a article for 2010:

Hope that helps.

True, but that's on a list level or manually performed - not on a per-item level. A common item we run into is where a user needs to be able to upload a file to a library (sometimes via an infopath web form), but not be allowed to edit it afterwards. Unfortunately, the SharePoint permissions don't truly support CRUD level fine grained security - if you have access to CREATE, then you also have access to UPDATE. Workflows, event receivers, and 3rd party products are the only options for these situations.

Maybe I missed something or I don't completely understand. I do have a list where users can add new items, but the only option they have after it's created from the drop down menu is "view item" or "alert me". No edit. I just want to make sure I understand as the last thing I want to do is give OP the wrong advice. Thanks!

You are correct for a lists because the settings for a list can be restricted to have different (list-wide) permission levels. For instance, you can have it set to allow read/edit/delete access to all, just the item owner, or just list owners. However, this setting does not exist on certain types of lists (including document libraries). On those types of lists, anybody with CREATE access also has UPDATE access. Anyway, you are correct, but it only applies to certain types of lists.

Gotcha! Thanks man. One of the reasons I love this community!

Gotcha! Thanks man. One of the reasons I love this community!
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