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Something between a button and a hyperlink....

Excel 2003.  I want to link a bunch of documents to a worksheet.  The problem is that the documents will be in a "relative" folder structure, that is, the "top" folder may move, but the sub-folders will stay the same.

I would use a button except that I need to put the button in a row that's going to be part of a group that will be hidden and unhidden, and the button won't hide.

I would use a hyperlink except I don't know how to make a hyperlink have variability, unless there's an event that I could use to capture the hyperlink and modify it.  I've done something like that in ASP.NET or Access, but not Excel.

Third option might be to put the documents in SharePoint where they really would be in more or less fixed locations, but that's a different approach.

Fourth option would be to embed the documents but they wouldn't hide and the .xls would get very large.

Any suggestions about this would be appreciated.


1 Solution
for this, leave out the path from the drive and all..

for example if your structure is like this:


if the main folder will be moved to different locations,

refer to the files in sub\ by mentioning:
give the sub\abc.xls

it will work anywhere the file is..

hope this helps!!!
codequestAuthor Commented:
That works.   I'm going to reward points and ask a related question.  Thanks!

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