How to append line into multiple line field in WSS3 workflow?

I want to append a line into a multiple line field in WSS3 workflow with sharepoint designer 2007.
Any idea?
Thank you.
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GeorgeGerguesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah ,
now I understand your question.

You are looking for the CR NEW line type of chars.
<br>Product A</br><br>Product B</br><br>Product C</br>

Open in new window

that is in html
Create a Workflow Field of type Text.

as you workflow works , concatenate the text into that field .

when done , assign the Item:Field the value of that Workflow Field.

best of luck.
dickchanAuthor Commented:
I want to show text per line.

Line One: Product A
Line Two: Product B
Line Three: Product C

How can i append new line in the workflow?
In the designer, which Action option should i use to concatenate the text?
I can not find the Action option for custom formula or logical calculation, only have mathematical one, such as plus/mod.
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