MS Exhange 2003 Lotus Domino 8.5.2 DirSync Problem

We need to see contacts from Lotus Domino 8.5 into MS Exchange Global Address Book. For this -  We have installed  Lotus Notes Connector, Lotus Notes Client 6.5 to Exchange 2003 Server. Lotus Notes Client can connect to Lotus Domino Server. After that we create Organization Unit for downloading contacts from Lotus Domino through Connectior DirSinc option and configured the connector. Then we start Notes to Exchange Directory Sinchronization. Some time later we go to Organization Unit and see that this OU is still empty and Connector for Lotus Notes Service is down. Then  we go to system event log and see some errors such as:
1.Event Source:      MSExchangeNOTES
Event Category:      Exchange to Notes Conversion
Error {GRC:2808}: The application failed to initialize.
2.Event Source:      MSExchangeNOTES
Event Category:      Exchange to Notes Conversion
Error: no Notes Session Open
3.Event Source:      MSExchangeNOTES
Event Category:      Notes Directory Synchronization
Failure to locate DefltPseudoDomain in config file
4.Event Source:      MSExchangeNOTES
Event Category:      Notes Directory Synchronization
Failed to initialize the NOTES subsystem

Could anybody help to find a way to resolve the task and problem with connector or maybe there is another way to see contacts from Domino in to Exchange Global Address Book?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
LDAP? Tivoli Directory Integrator?
tennisprofAuthor Commented:
Tivoli is very exspensive for this task.
 Hmm  What do you mean LDAP? Is there another product for ldap sinchronozation from Domino Catalog and AD Catalog?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Tivoli expensive? Read the first line on this page:

You can set up Domino as LDAP server, and use it as provider, maybe not to fill the GAB (pun intended) but to supply addresses to mail users.

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tennisprofAuthor Commented:
Hm . The Domino Administrator assured me that it is exspensive product and i did not check it
Have i correctly understood that TDI can create contacts from Domino Directory into Active Directory Organization Unit?
And what about Lotus Connector from Microsoft - is there any ways to force  it work. Or TDI is a one right way to do our task?
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, there you caught me. I should have added "my 2 centimes"...

I just came across TDI a few days ago, but it's a thing I'll probably never use. I only wanted to pass the information on to you, maybe it can help you. In fact, some Domino gurus were pretty enthusiastic about it, so I assume it does what it's supposed to do. About the other connectors and tools I have no information whatsoever that you can't google yourself.  Sorry.
For the connector, make sure you use an earlier version of Lotus Notes onto the server using the same ID that the connector service runs as or a basic install of Lotus Notes R8.5 not the eclipse version.
Make sure that notes client is configured once and can see the Domino server.

What OS is the server running ?
Make Sure Lotus Notes is not installed into the program files folder but some where such as c:\lotus\notes\
Also that installation is single user install not multi user/shred install.
tennisprofAuthor Commented:
Hai all . I Have solved the problem.  The problem was in wrong type of mail databases created on Domino Server by Domino Administrator. He created to boxes -  & exchange.bad from mail mailbox  template.Though he should create boxes from  Mail Router Mailbox 6 Template and give all rights to them for domino account used for Lotus connector. After that DirSync has started to work and has created contacts in the target OU.

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tennisprofAuthor Commented:
I have found the solution
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