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Hi Team,

a) What is the different IOS Packages (IP BAse/Enterprise etc) 7 What is the dfference between them.
b) If i want to upgrade any IOS , what are the Guidelines i have to follow..
c) If a customer comes with their requirement,how can i give the Right cisco provide with economical

Pls provide the good documentation about my above  queries..
I want to become a Good consulatnt at above areas

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If you want to be a good consultant for Cicso products, first step is get training.  Second is learn how to search their site.

For #1 start with:

For #2 search Cisco's site

For #3 learn how to ask the right questions to find out what the customers is really doing.  This pick the IOS features that they need.

All of this comes down to knowing Cisco IOS capabilities and limitations, which really needs to be done throught training and hands on experience.

Oh, iOS (little i big OS) is not the same as IOS (bit IOS).  "iOS" is the OS for Applies iPhones and iPads.

Not to sound mean or harsh, but a few questions on EE is not going to cut it.
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