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System utlization for each user.

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi Team,

I am trying to build a tool that will track the system utlization for the user who has logged into the system.  This is what I want tracked.

When the user logs in.
When the user logs Out.
When the system is idel for more than 3/4 minutes.
When the user locks his/her system.
When the user unlocks his/her system.

I am planing to use MS Access, any idea how do I proceed.  I am open to suggestion, no hard and fast rule that I want to use access.
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Top Expert 2012

Except for the checking for idle time, each of the action requires an action by the user, so each code that handles the action just needs to insert data that logs the action into the database.  Something like:

insert into user_logs (user_name, timestamp, action) values ('Sandesh','2011-04-25 21:00:00','Log out');

For the idle time, you need a timer in your application that resets whenever a user does something.  But when the timer hits its limit, you do another database insert.


How do I auto run the insert code when the user perfrms those actions.

For e.g., how would access know it has to run the log in query.  How will it auto triger.


Please also note that I am not tracking any specific application.  I am tracking the entire system utlization...


Can someone help me here
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