Server Core 2008 r2 - gui

I have an esxi server

And I was considering running server core to cut down on resources for my name servers. active directory and DNS
I am horrible at commandline though. I was wondering if anyone know of any interfaces or gui's that ran on top to set it up and modify.

I found this freeware app someone wrote which is pretty cool,

but I was wondering if there were any professional, or better products or gui's out there
for server core
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d3ath5tarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No thats about it from a third party perspective....

You could look at enabling remote management and use server manager from another server..


TheWebGuy38Author Commented:
remote management uses the remote desktop interface?

or is this something different?
d3ath5tarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to enable remote management port set on the core gui firewall, then either;

The server manager from another 2008 server.... they can all remote connect. Your other option is to use RSAT tools (free on MS Downloads) on your client and connect to the services on your Server Core install.
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