Joomla Question and Answer component

Hi all,

I am looking for a Question and Answer Joomla component/module.
There are some Yahoo Anser clones for Joomla but they're all commercial and cost quite some money.

I am looking for a free alternative.

It's simple:
All registered users should be able to ask a question; the admin or other users can answer.
I am not looking for a forum; just a simple Q&A system.

I am using Joomla 1.5.23 (not planning to update to 1.6 anytime soon).

Thank you
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Robert JacksonConnect With a Mentor System DeveloperCommented:
Alternative option:

Ask & Questions
is A Free  Q&A Management System Native Joomla 1.6 component in order to integrate functionality SIMILAR to YaHoo!Answers or Quora into your Joomla website.

* ACL Based Rights
* Submit Questions from both frontend and backend
* Submit Answers from both frontend and backend
* Multilanguage support

have you considered an faq component?

might be something there for you to do hat you want


Robert JacksonSystem DeveloperCommented:
Medi-QnA is a Joomla! 1.5 native component developed for medical websites but can be used on any site that wants to offer educational content in question and answer format.

It DOES NOT record user scores, grades or allow user interaction in this way. This is a very simple component which I personally think is its strong point. It's easy to install and configure but that ease of use means it has NO sophisticated features like grading systems etc.

Examples: A lawyer who specialises in criminal cases may wish to 'brush up' on property law. A doctor specialising in radio therapy may wish to re-fresh on clinical techniques.
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stefanbonnarensAuthor Commented:
already checked all of them.
In these extensions you can only submit questions in the back-end.
So my users won't be able to submit questions themselves.
Robert JacksonSystem DeveloperCommented:
Ok - how about:

Jfaq Free Joomla Download
Name: Jfaq

Component + modules for posting questions and answers.


type-setting that the user can add questions (registered user and / or visitor)
Automatic-publication or questions

ability to get more answers for each question (you can select the option of back-end)
can users / visitors to answer (option selectable in the backend)
choice of a correct answer (you can set the permission of the back-end)
categories can be displayed by certain criteria (order by date added, by name, ordering custom)
adding a WYSYWYG editor for questions and answers
ability to customize the component (displays the information) using a css file
stefanbonnarensAuthor Commented:
@rjplus: I'll check it out and report back

Thanks !!!!
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