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SQL Server Agent

SeTech asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-10
When I schedule a job using SQL Server Agent in SSMS for SQL 2008 where I want to scheulde the run of a SSIS package. In the General Tab I:
1. Name the Step
2. Type is SQL Sequel Server Agent Package
3. Run as is a Proxy that I set up in the Credential folder in Security (SSMS).
The package runs and I got the above by trial and error as well as reading some Books Online. So again the package runs, but my igorance remains in regards to why do I need to set up a proxy account when I thought I could use my own ID. Does it have to do with "where" things are located. In other words, BIDS is on my machine and I connect to a remote server? Hate to seem dumb, however the enviorment in my office is that some people have left that assisted on this and a lot of projects here are on a "I need it yesterday and I will give you the real instuctions on what I need tomorrow" Therefore its is often a situation of just get it done, if  you know what I mean.
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The use of the proxy account is a Best Practice because, at some point, you may not be the one running the package (hey, you might get a job offer at twice the salary and requiring that you work from home, right? ;-).  Also, if you get in the habit of using the proxy, then, when you start deploying packages to a server, you will not have to remember that, on the server, you probably won't be logged in all the time and the SQL Agent will need to execute the packages.
Jason YousefSr. BI  Developer


When SQL Server Agent runs its tasks it normally does so using the context of the service account you assigned to the Agent service. This may or may not be the best context for your application, so you can set up a Proxy. This allows you to run the task under the context of the account you set up in the proxy, and it's pretty easy to do.

There's a good article about that..in details about the proxy account.

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