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cannot get an estat pcix card to work on my new pc

total123 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
hi, i have the new dell optiplex 990 desktop. With which i have bought an esata pcix card.
i first installed xp pro and added the card after, but could not get it to pickup in device manager. i had all the correct drivers and chipset drivers.

I then decided to install windows 7 pro and noticed that i could not boot from the install disk of windows if the esata card was plugged in. win 7 doesn't pick the card up either.

I have also bought a second esata card. With which this doesn't get picked up.

what am i doing wrong ?
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What brand and model card are you using?

Have you tried moving it to another slot?


i've tried it in 2 slots, both cards are white boxed, no manufacture labelled on the card or box
If you don't know the manufacturer and there is no manual or drivers, there isn't a lot you can do.

If there is a part number of model number on the card, google it and see if it tracks back to a company and card model. Without that, there isn't much to go on.

These cards are not expensive. You can pickup a good one with documentation


what i dont get is niether gets picked up in windows, could there be a bios option to enable esata or pcix ?
You might want to upgrade the bios. That's about the only option I see. If the motherboard is old, it's possible it is not compatible with the esata card.


The model machine only came out last month. I'll take a look
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Gary CaseRetired
Most Valuable Expert 2013
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Just to be sure ...

... Your question title; and every reference you've made to this card says you bought a PCIX card.    Your system does NOT have a PCI-X slots ... it has a PCIe (PCI Express) slot.

I assume that's simply a mistake on your part in the description ... but just in case, be sure you actually have a PCIe card.


I have purchased a startech esata card which works. Strangly the 2 cards i have work in another pc i have.

many thanks for your help
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