I am into starting a news website business how to go about it ?

Hello Expert,
I am planning to start a business that is Electronic website that deliver local news in Middle east , my question is this , what kind of information I should ask for the people who want to make the site , how can I make more people visit the site, what kind of multimedia and also some people mentioned that I should construct the site using word press program , others say .net so what is the expert suggestion pls , and what kind of budget we r looking for ? Thank you very much .
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I am also running a Software Company.

For a News Business Website, you should start with Open Source CMS like Wordpress and Joomla. They are the best for News website. It is very effective and less time consuming. You will find elegant themes both Free and Paid templates. Its an open source and available everywhere. You will also find SEO plugins and social widgets to get traffic for these sites.

You can get more customers because these CMS website will be completed in few days and less costly. So my suggestion is to start with Joomla and Wordpress wbesites. Ask your customer that you can deliver the job in quick time and the at low rates. One professional Wordpress or Joomla developer can create at least 10 sites per day.

hnaelAuthor Commented:
Havj123: I also want to show say events that happining on the ground on my website as well , say if some interviwe is taking place with a politiction I should be able to show that as a vedio on my website, will that be possible and if yes how ? where you suggest to learn word press or joomla thing ? Why not asp.net ? sorry lots of questions , but  my life depends on this site so I must make sure I am doing the right thing.
hnaelAuthor Commented:
I should have said pls sorry , thought I wrote it but I just looked at my comments and its not thier sorry .
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You can start with Wordpress as it will be low on initial investment. From the admin panel you can add lots of stuff. Even share videos, audios, images, so you can publish your interviews. If you need any additional functionality there is always a plugin available. For marketing, there are inbuilt SEO functionality and also social networking plugins to share those things on different sites. You get RSS for your news automatically generated which is a must of any news site. And the most important thing, without spending much you can get the response of the public. Also you need to monetize your site by using adsense adv. The  adv placement should be such that it will gain you maximum clicks.
If you try to built all these features in asp.net, then you need to invest lot of time and money to get it developed. Post your other questions and queries about this thing and we will try to answer each of them in a pointwise manner.
hnaelAuthor Commented:
Thks you guys, I need to know a bout traffic more pls , for example we gt a senario where in one electronic news site some customers can view the news others can not ...why is that ? Also some customers appear old news instead of the current one, why is that and how to a void such things?
hnaelAuthor Commented:
thks , wished someone sent me a tutorial of how to use the wordpress , thks anyway .
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