Need a way to pull fax information from users in AD

I'm looking for a way to pull the First and Last name or account name along with fax number from a users AD account and place it into a file. Or have it displayed so I can take it and move it into a file. I am on a 2008 AD structure.
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Yes, just adjust the first part to:
Get-QADUser -LDAPFilter "OuPath"

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I assume you have fax numbers in active directory?

I would recommend Powershell and Quest Active directory tools, then you could use something like:

Get-QADUser | Format-Table Lastname, FirstName, Fax > 'C:\FaxNumbers.txt'

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That will get every user in the domain.
ron_harrisAuthor Commented:
Yes - Is there anyway to do this, say, for an entire OU at a time?
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