Adding Self-Tracking Entity template cause complie error "Collection was modified" in unit test proejct

I've added an Entity Data Model to my project and added a table to it.  My project and unit test project compiles fine.

Then when I try to add a Self Tracking Entity Template my project compiles but my unit test project gives the following error when compiling:

"Colleciton was modified; enumeration may not execute".

Does anyone know why this error is occuring?
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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't seen that error before, but you say that it happened on compile time?  That sounds like a bug, but I am not about what approach you used with the self-tracking entity stuff...
weimhaAuthor Commented:
We decided not to do self-tracking entities because it was requiring to much work.
weimhaAuthor Commented:
A solution was not found, but it is not needed.
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