Splitting Access file in two from Accde and accdb the shortcut fails on client machines

We recently split a Microsoft Access 2007 accdb file into two separate files so that users would not accidentally get into the debug mode and unintentionally change code. (which was happening occasionally)
After we did the split we created a shortcut from our Windows 2008 Server to the clients to the ACCDE file which on the server gives us a good shortcut from which to launch the application.
However when we go to the clients and try to launch from the same shortcut we get the " Path was not found to the ACCDB file. So testing the shortcut on the server to the ACCDE works just fine.

We thought since the ACCDE is on the Server but launching it fails with the error "path not found to the ACCDB file " which on the client machine was located at C:\.........\Data|\Ourdatabase.ACCDB It would seem that the client machines are looking locally on the C:\ drive when they should be looking on the Server.

Does anyone know how to solve this or are we looking in the wrong place......Please advise. Thank you.
Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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Bill RossCommented:

If the file is on the server the correct path would be \\servername\serverdrive\xxxx.accdb

If the server drives are mapped locally then the path would be x:\xxxx.accdb where x = the mapped drive.

You will need to change the user shortcuts.


Bill RossCommented:
Another option would be to copy the accde to the local computers and run each as a separate "front end" against the shared data "back end".  This is the more classical way to get the best performance from an access application.

It doesn't matter where you put the files- Access always runs on the user's machine so C:\ will always refer to that user's C drive.

You need to build  a 're-linking' feature into your application so that you can set the backend path correctly when you install the application or just use the Link Tables Manager to perform the re-linking on one copy of the front-end and distribute that copy to all users'.

Sample re-linking code here:
Note that you must also include other code procedures as described in the text at the top of that page.
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Make sure you're not linking the Front-end to the Back-end using a MAPPED DRIVE LETTER.
For instance;   "G:\YourDataFolder\YourData.accdb"   should look something likel  "\\YourServerName\YourDataFolder\YourData.accdb"

Scott C
Posted for ruavol2

Issue is resolved by recreating the accde and accdb files.
When we originally split the database we were logged into the server and just put the resulting accdb file in the same directory.  We then created the accde fiel and it worked fine for us.

When the new shortcut was copied to the users, the accde file executed but was looking for the db files on the C drive.  I assume it was looking on the users C drive.

I resolved this by going back to the original accdb file and this time when we split the database I went through the network path to the server.  Saved the file in the same location but the accde file now looks on the server path.

peter - Since the accde file doesnt really contain the datafiles will the relinking work if we need to move the database for some reason?

Bill - your idea would work if the shortcut was the issue.

Fletcher BurdineTableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Thank you for the clarity.
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