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I have a MacBook Pro OS X Leopard. I have split my hard drive so I can also run Windows XP home edition. However I do not have any parallels so I can not run the two simultaneously.

On the Windows part of my hard drive, I have installed AutoCAD 2011 Educational Edition, a drafting program. I have been trying to continue work on an AutoCAD file that I have created, however whenever I type in more complicated key commands, such as "hatch," a message pops up that says, "FATAL ERROR: Out of memory-shutting down" and then the is an "OK" button. If I press it, another message pops up that says," AutoCAD cannot continue. You can attempt to save changes into the following file up to the start of the last command: (then it lists file and where I have it saved, E:\Witches P-1 2011 Reskin\NEW P-1 The Witches 04-24-2011_Recover.dwg) After you save your changes, you can open or recover the file. Should AutoCAD try to save your changes?"

I have tried recovering the file and then making alterations to that file. Whenever I try to see changes to the recovered file, the same message pops up. I have tried saving the file to my desk top and to my flash drive. Still, the same message pops up. I have also tried copying the wrk I do have saved in the file, and importing/pasting it into another file, but that has been unsuccessful as well.

I am unsure how there could be no memory left seeing as this is the same program they use to draft in the professional world, and surely must have more saved on to individual files than me.

I have also created a new file saved it and then have been successful in saving changes to that "unimportant" file.  It appears that my "real" file might in some way be corrupted.  

Please help. I do not know how to continue to work on this file since I need to upload things/make changes. Please help me figure this out.  
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silverkornConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to audit the drawing keyin the command: AUDIT
select 'Y' to fix all errors

to purge the drawing keyin the command: PURGE
in the 'Purge" window make sure the last option is checked "Purge nested items" and then click the "Purge All" command

this should remove all unused items still residing in the drawing as well as check the file for an errors.
if you are able to obtain the educational Autodesk products you could also get the Mac version of AutoCAD, found here:

If you wish to continue with the Windows version...

open the drawing and run an audit and purge to make sure there isnt something within the drawing itself that is causing the errors. Also, was the original file created with a licensed version of AutoCAD or with another educational version?
kagofficeAuthor Commented:
I do not know how to audit or purge the drawing.
The original file, and the following one I created were all made using the educational version.

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kagofficeAuthor Commented:
Thanks you. Is there any chance that this will damage any of my work?
the audit process "should" not cause any damage to the file. I only say should as with AutoCAD there are no certainties with the program.

the purge process will only remove any other data that is not currently being used within the current drawing (ie, blocks, layers, linetypes, text styles, etc). before running the purge process it would be a good idea to save a copy of the file elsewhere in the event that you lose something from the file that you wish to recover at a later date.
kagofficeAuthor Commented:
my professor helped me do this and it fixed the problem. Thanks
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