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FileServer Software for Home Server

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a home server which is installed in my parents house.  I use it as an offsite backup.  I currently am using Windows Live Mesh to sync files across to it and LogMeIn if I need to access it.

However, I am now needing to expand the functionality and would like to browse the files on it without using LogMeIn.  In addition, I need SFTP Server set up on it.

Can anyone recommend a good FileServer Software that is secure?  Or a good SFTP Server?

I have Windows 7 Professional Installed - are there any features on that?

For me the up most importance is security.  Therefore if there is a solution that is 100% secure, but not free - I would prefer it.

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"File-Server" functionality is integrated into windows 7. Just share the folders...

If actually you mean you want to copy files via the internet, then you could use "Hamachi", which is also a Logmein service and is a "VPN", via that you can also connect to shares on the Windows 7 box. It is both free and secure.

Simpler to use though is the Teamviewer, which is similar to logmein but with it you can also download and upload files in the base product. Also that is secure and free for personal use.

Irwin W.There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

What kind of server is it at your patent's home?(Windows, Mac or Linux)
What is the brand and model of the router at their home? (e.g. Linksys WRT54G)


Thanks for all your responses.

Home Server Setup - Windows 7 Professional - 2TB - Belkin Router (don't know the model number)

Unfortunately I cannot use 'Share Folder' functionality as I would like the ability to connect to the files from a browser on any computer.   Some computers that I use have the share folder functionality blocked.

Thinking about it further.... what I am most likely looking for is setting up a Web Server and then deploying applications on it as I see fit - e.g. File Management, Photo Sharing etc..  Does that sound do-able?

If yes,
(a) What Web Server would you suggest?
(b) Where would I find a good repository of plug and play apps?
(c) I would still need a SFTP Server correct - if so, any suggestions?

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I recommend testing teamviewer, I think you get all functions you need there (no SFTP, but it's functions are similar and secure). If you can't install the teamviewer on the PC's you want to access the server from, there is also a portable version available that you can run directly from a USB stick, so it doesn't require an installation.
Irwin W.There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Need to know the model number of the Belkin because depending on the version, you can flash upgrade it to DD-WRT to get VPN capabilities. You can look up the model of your Belkin router her to see if it is supported http://dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database

I would also recommend that you NOT use your Windows 7 machine(I.M.O)  Machines get rebooted and down does your share.  A NAS with an ethernet connection is a better idea to be connected to your router.
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