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Ahsay Mail level backup

Axis52401 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I've got 2 clients using Ahsay backup. The S/W has what they call a Mail level backup which backups up individual users exchange mailboxes. On these clients which each have about 30-50 users its not getting all the users backups. The problems is when you go into it's setup, you select Mail level backup and it lists the users and you put a check box in the accounts you want to backup.

The problem is that not all users accounts show up in the list. The accounts that do backup fine but I need to back them all up and some just don't show up. They are all users in the same AD OU group with no differences beyond being different people. Can anyone think of a reason some accounts wouldn't show up in the list to be selected?
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Permissions on the mailboxes?
Axis52401Security Analyst


I've compared every permission to accounts that do show up and to those that don't and they match exactly. The backup service users the domain administrator account to run and domain administrators have full mail box access.
Ah... you see they do... but they don't.....

Domain admins are a protected group and by default even if you assign it exchange won't let you have it.

See Microsofts documentation for creating a ExMerge user and run your backups with that instead.... it's the same idea as a user for backup exec accounts and the like.... surprised Domain Admin allowed you to do that... makes me wonder if there some weird ACL applied somewhere....

Axis52401Security Analyst


So what can I do here?
I'd try the backup with an account that has the mailbox rights but is not Domain Admin.

What version of Exchange and AhSay are you using?
Axis52401Security Analyst


I've tried that I created a user called backup, set the service to use that account, added it to one of the missing users AD Exchange mailbox rights and restarted the serrvice and his account still doesn't show in the list.

Exchange 2003, Ahsay
Sounds an odd one.... but I have heard about an issue affecting Ex2010, but your version of the client, where it doesn't always get the exchange data if the exchange paths are defined in lower case.... the fix is a replacement dll from AhSay....
Axis52401Security Analyst


Do you know what dll that might be, I could try that on ours and see if it helps?
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